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Reiki for Animals

Animals love Reiki and benefit in many ways from receiving it.
Reiki soothes and comforts our animal companions at any time, but it is
especially helpful when they are ill or under stress. It calms them before
surgery and promotes rapid healing after surgery. They often recover from
anesthesia and begin eating more quickly with Reiki and are able to
leave the vet's office sooner.

Reiki also comforts animals as they are dying.
As with people, death is usually a process which an animal experiences
over the space of hours, days, or even longer. Sometimes they slip away
peacefully, but sometimes they are frightened or in pain. A beloved ferret
was dying the weekend I took the Reiki Level I class, so I carried her in a
front pack and gave her Reiki whenever I could. When I held my hands
over her, she was quiet and calm, but when I took my hands away she
would whimper until I could continue to give her Reiki.

Distance healing is especially effective for animals because they will
receive it wherever they are and however they are feeling. They will not
be frightened by a strange place or a strange person, and I will connect
with them on a level that is easier to maintain without distractions. Best
of all, I can be with them through Reiki even when they are confined in
a vet hospital.

I have shared my life with many animals over the years, and I raise
funds on the Ferret Mailing List to pay vet bills for ferret shelters.
I will give your animal companions the care and respect I give my own.

If you would like your animal companion to experience Reiki, please
email me - or call me at 610-626-6647 - to make an appointment
or to ask any questions you may have.

Animals respond very well to Reiki and do not require sessions that are as
long as those for people. Distance Reiki appointments for animals are:

10 minutes . . . . $15
15 minutes . . . . $20
20 minutes . . . . $25
  Credit card & bank account payments through PayPal:
Make checks out to: Judith White
100 Walsh Road
Lansdowne, PA 19050
Judith White
Reiki Master
Karuna ReikiŽ Master
What Is Reiki? Distance Reiki Christian Reiki Reiki For Animals Appointments & Classes
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